about Neuroma

A foot neuroma can be described as a benign (noncancerous) swelling/inflammation of a particular nerve at the sole of the foot. This nerve is responsible for supplying sensation to the respective toes. Symptoms include numbness tingling, burning, and shooting pain, which can be aggravated with prolonged standing/walking.

Neuroma FAQ

– Improper shoegear (high heels)

– Genetic/hereditary factors

– Biomechanical conditions (bunions, hammertoes, etc.) of the foot

Conservative treatment options:

  Custom-made foot orthotics

  Corticosteroid injections

  Sclerosing agent injections

  Altering physical activity

  Anti-inflammatory medications

  Most commonly, this surgery often involves removing the affected nerve. A dorsal (on top of the foot) incision is made to carefully remove the neuroma.

  A second option may be to release the deep transverse metatarsal ligament (DTML) to decompress the affected nerve. Studies show significant relief in pain with this particular procedure as well. 

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