Custom Made Orthotics

about Custom Made Orthotics

Custom-made foot orthotics/insoles are medical-graded shoe inserts that support and shift your foot bones, arch, muscles, ligaments, and tendons into a more biomechanically functional position.  Custom orthotics allow the structures in your foot to function together and prevent biomechanically related issues to arise or become worse. Unlike over-the-counter shoe inserts, custom-made orthotics are produced from non-weight bearing molds that we take right in our office.  These are made based on YOUR specific needs.  Our goal is to correctly align your foot structure.

Common conditions that would benefit with custom orthotics:

–   Flat feet (adult or pediatric)

–   High-arched feet

–   Plantar fasciitis/heel pain

–   Bunions

–   Hammertoes

–   Corns / Calluses

–   In-toeing / Out-toeing

–   Diabetic related pain / foot ulcers

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